By Michael Masumoto
This Dynamic HTML game requires the use of either Netscape Communicator 4.04 or greater, or Internet Explorer 4.0 or greater; it will NOT operate if you use an earlier browser. It also requires that your browser window be expanded to at least 575 pixels in width (approximately the width of this web page) and at least 325 pixels in height.

This game is designed primarily as a teaching aid and demonstration piece for DHTML with heavily commented JavaScript code, and is not a full game product. If you enjoyed this game and would like a fully realized game similar to this one, purchase or download a copy of Gazillionaire, from LavaMinds.

There are two versions of this game mounted. The first version contains fully commented code and is about 183K, including graphics. The second, streamlined version has had all comments removed from the code and is about 132K, including graphics.

Soon, I will have zipped copies of both packages available for download from this site.

The JavaScript code in this game is copyright 1998 Michael Masumoto, and may be used and repurposed freely for other projects as long as the resulting product is not-for-profit, freeware, or distributed without charge. Please contact me directly for commercial use permissions for any or all of this code.

Acknowledgements: A small part of the code in this game is based on the Dynamic Layer Object created by Dan Steinman.

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