Michael Masumoto
Independent Filmmaker, Programmer, Writer, and Opera Composer/Singer

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My name is Michael Masumoto, and I'm a Multimedia Artist and Designer working in Sonoma County, California. From 1995 to 2001, I worked as a web programmer and web programming instructor at San Francisco State University. My complete instructional materials and tutorials from that period are still available via this website.

This michaelmasumoto.com website is primarily a legacy operation. The design work here is a museum piece, showing how properly made websites were constructed during the dot-com boom years! I always rather liked its timeless look. The fullscreen width aspect is a little weird today, but the whole approach still works and plays well on mobile devices.

Current Activities

My husband, Kai Herd, and I opened a high-end art furniture workshop called "Masumoto Herd" in 2010. We have recently expanded into a full line of digital Multimedia services. Our main website is located at http://www.masumotoherd.com/. That's my main website now.

As I mentioned before, this website, michaelmasumoto.com, is a legacy operation, mostly showcasing work from my past.

I've completed several documentaries about the making of the Fantasium, our award-winning... Thing. You can find out more about Masumoto Herd Art Furniture at: http://www.masumotoherd.com/furniture/. The following video, the first of four documentaries about the Fantasium, includes a complete, original musical score. Take a look!

In 2009, Kai finished his woodworking training at the prestigious James Krenov-founded Fine Woodworking program at the College of the Redwoods in Fort Bragg, CA. Our workshop is located in Rohnert Park, CA.

My first film, Cinderella of the Shopping Malls, has been on production hiatus since early 2005 and will not be released on DVD. I am still planning to release a drastically shortened version via YouTube at some point in the future. My recent and upcoming movie projects can be viewed at: http://www.masumotoherd.com/video/.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel as well, at: http://www.youtube.com/glofau/. Thanks!

Last Updated: June 21, 2016

Web Programming Tutorials

About the Tutorials

I taught web programming classes beween 1995 and 2001; as a consequence, I developed an extensive catalog of tutorial and online course materials. Basic HTML programming has not changed too much since my retirement from programming training, so my materials are still surprisingly helpful, and they are available to you, for FREE, here at my website.

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Selected Student Testimonials

Michael Masumoto has a rare talent: the ability to go back in time, to analyze what your brain was like when it didn't have the knowledge at hand, and to determine the clearest way of conveying that knowledge so that it's easy to understand. Michael has the patience to approach a problem several different ways, break it down, reconstruct it a few times... Many people seem unable to do this, and the fact that some of them are paid to write books and teach classes is just ridiculous. Not that I'm going to mention any names.

Michael is an excellent teacher and presents information in an absolutely clear and concise manner, progressing through topics in a way that makes the most sense, guiding and inspiring you every step of the way.

It takes a unique talent to organize information and present it so effectively. I am extremely grateful that I had Michael as a teacher.

--Gwyn Waters


Michael Masumoto's Movie Page Has Moved!

Please visit my business website at http://www.masumotoherd.com/video/ for the latest information about my movie productions, including links to my films. You can also visit my YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/glofau/.

This michaelmasumoto.com Movies Area is strictly a legacy operation. Thanks!

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A World of Content

My current projects can be seen at our business website, http://www.masumotoherd.com/. There is a lot of new stuff there, especially in the Portfolio section, so check it out!

The following area is a museum.

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Book Sales

I believe that I'm still an Amazon.com Associate Member, but this bookstore is from my teaching days and consequently hopelessly out of date. I'll be getting it cleaned up soon, but for now... don't bother to visit!

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Personal Pages

This area actually contains a fresh essay and some new pictures. It's one of the few parts of this legacy website that I expect to be updating regularly in the future. Check it out!

Michael Masumoto's Personal Space

Composition and Performance

I'm an opera composer and singer, among other things. I received my Master's Degree in Music Composition from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music in 1992, composed and produced 6 operas by the age of 30, and have a fully trained operatic dramatic-baritone voice. I'm also a classical pianist.

My latest recordings can be heard at our business website in the Music section: http://www.masumotoherd.com/music/. I have recently completed several things, including a new piano sonata and some orchestral miniatures.

The following link is just a legacy area. At the moment, all the action is at my other website.

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Product Information, Excerpts, and Sales

You can pick up silly souvenirs and some other junk from this area. This will be updated soon.

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Old Class Information

Old Class Information

I have retired from active academic teaching. I used to teach primarily at the San Francisco State University Multimedia Studies Program. As a courtesy to my former students, I have retained links to my old class areas. Most of the important information from these areas has been migrated to my Tutorials area.