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Boogers and Boogeymen


Boogers and Boogeymen, a project from 1996-1997, was the first talking book created specifically for the Web. It was a full-length children's book that I wrote and programmed (in conjunction with a small team of volunteers) containing interactive games and over 6 hours of streaming audio. It had illustrations by Josh Coolidge, two of which are shown here. For many years, I have meant to edit and remount this work. I have just unearthed the original digital files for everything except the sound, so it can be resurrected. All of the browser plugins which originally delivered the content have long since disappeared. I'll have to figure out how it can be implemented today. --Michael

The Boogers

Last Updated: June 21, 2016

Project Archive

The Archipelago of Greed

The Archipelago of Greed is a sample DHTML piece I created decades ago as a tutorial for my more advanced DHTML students. It's a simple trading game based on the Gazillionaire model. Although incomplete, I think it still provides interesting insight into basic DHTML possibilities (works in Netscape 4 and IE4/5 ONLY).

I keep this online only to remind myself that it exists. It doesn't work on modern browsers because the DHTML is obsolete. However, the essential game logic should still be functional; maybe one day I'll get it working again. --Michael

Last Updated: June 21, 2016