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For all of my movie projects, please visit my business website at: http://www.masumotoherd.com/video/. You may also visit my YouTube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/glofau/... Please subscribe. Thanks!

Early Examples

Here are some of my first videos!

Masumoto Herd: An Introduction

This video took an outrageous amount of time to produce, almost 3 months (life gets in the way, sometimes)! Although principal photography was only about 1.5 days, every shot is an SFX shot with original artwork, motion graphics, etc. I even composed an orchestrated, original score just for this video! See if you can tell which shots are from the reshoot (hint: I weighed 10 pounds less and, because of the 2 month break, I forgot how my lights were set so I accidentally put the keylight on the wrong side). But seriously, I'm very proud of this documentary, the first of four parts.

Happy Birthday, Dee!

This is my first HD video, which is musically a fairly straightforward reworking of traditional melodies. I had a lot of fun making this piece of animated silliness! This took less than 2 weeks, as I recall.

Mr. Weatherly Is Taken for a Ride

This is my very first After Effects project, shot entirely in standard def video on a Canon XL1s. For a first attempt at motion graphics and greenscreen work, I think I did pretty well, although it's difficult to digitally key subjects in SD video in a convincing manner. This was a proof-of-concept for a longer comedy short that I wrote which may or may not ever get produced!

Last Updated: June 21, 2016